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How Much Does the Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

Patients and caregivers joining the Maryland medical cannabis program are issued physical MMJ cards after successfully completing their applications. Before applying for a medical cannabis card in the state, a patient must provide a certification from their healthcare provider attesting they have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions recognized by Maryland for medical cannabis. While a patient’s medical cannabis card is valid for 6 years, a caregiver’s MMJ card must be renewed every 2 years.

Cost of Physician Consultation

After physically examining a patient and their medical records, an eligible medical provider may issue a written certification recommending the patient for medical cannabis use. In addition to an in-person visit, Maryland mandates that there must be a bona fide provider-patient relationship for this certification to be valid. Only board-certified Maryland-licensed physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, dentists, nurse practitioners, and nurse-midwives can provide patient certifications in the state. Patients can use the search tool provided by the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) to see if their current medical providers are eligible to issue medical cannabis recommendations. Medical providers are expected to charge for patient consultations leading to providing medical cannabis certifications. Maine patients should expect to pay $100 - $350 for such consultations depending on location and type of medical practice.

Maryland Medical Cannabis Card Fee

The MCA charges a $25 fee for a Maryland medical cannabis card. This fee applies to both patients and caregivers. The cost of renewing a Maryland MMJ card is also $25. However, the state charges $50 to replace a damaged or stolen MCA registration ID card.

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