How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Maryland?

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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Maryland?

How much eligible patients would pay for medical cannabis at Maryland dispensaries depends on a number of factors including location and cannabis strain, quality, and preparation form. On average, patients visiting Maryland medical marijuana dispensaries should expect to pay $360 for 1 ounce of high quality cannabis. The average cost of 1 ounce of medium quality cannabis is $283 in the state.

Can You Use a Credit Card at a Dispensary in Maryland?

No. As with the rest of the country, dispensaries in Maryland are unlikely to accept credit cards for payment. This is because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. With most banks and credit card companies refusing to process transactions involving marijuana products, dispensaries have to resort to alternative payment methods. In Maryland, medical cannabis patients can pay for their orders with cash. Some dispensaries also accept select debit cards and mobile app payments.

Does Maryland Tax Medical Marijuana Sales?

Maryland does not charge sales and use tax on medical marijuana sold to patients and caregivers with the state’s medical cannabis card.

Does Recreational Marijuana Cost More than Medical Marijuana in Maryland?

With Maryland levying a 9% sales and use tax on recreational cannabis sold in the state, the unit price of adult-use marijuana is likely to be higher than that of medical marijuana (0% tax).

How to Save Money on the Cost of Medical Marijuana in Maryland

While Maryland does not have a state-run program offering lower medical marijuana prices to certain groups, such as veterans and the indigent, the state allows registered medical cannabis patients to grow up to four marijuana plants at home for their personal use. Besides growing their own supply of medical cannabis, patients can also take certain steps to save on the cost of their medical marijuana prescriptions. They may decide to lower their doses to see if this provides the same relief as their regular doses. Alternatively, they may switch from cannabis flowers to edibles. Edibles usually produce longer-lasting effects than smokable marijuana. This may be beneficial for managing chronic symptoms such as pain.

Yet another way to save on your medical cannabis order is to buy in bulk. Rather than ordering your daily dose, you may choose to buy as much cannabis as is allowed for medical cannabis patients in Maryland. Large purchases usually have cost-saving benefits. To find the best prices, you should visit different dispensaries near you.

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