Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Renewal For Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Online

How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

Registered patients and caregivers in Maryland can apply to the state’s Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) to renew expired medical marijuana cards. They can submit their renewal applications online before their medical marijuana cards expire. However, the Maryland medical marijuana card renewal process can take more than 30 days before the card is mailed to the holder's address. Upon approval of a marijuana card renewal application, the MMCC immediately issues a temporary medical marijuana card via the applicant's email. The temporary medical marijuana card is valid for 90 days. Patients can print their temporary medical marijuana cards from their MMCC accounts.

Does Maryland Allow Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online?

The MMCC permits registered patients and caregivers to renew their medical marijuana cards online through the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA). Patients and caregivers must create online accounts using the Maryland OneStop Portal before initiating the renewal process. However, patients already registered in the portal can skip this step.

After registration, patients can then login and navigate to the "My Dashboard" menu. The renewal form displays the patient's pre-existing information submitted during the initial application for a medical marijuana card. A patient can update the form to reflect their current status, such as a change in residential address and must upload proof of their Maryland residency. Caregivers may follow the same steps for a Maryland medical marijuana card renewal.

How Often Do You Have to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland?

To maintain their eligibility for medical marijuana treatment, patients and caregivers must renew their Maryland medical marijuana card at expiration. Maryland medical marijuana card is valid for six years for patients. Consequently, registered patients must renew their medical marijuana card every six years. The validity of a Maryland caregiver medical marijuana card is two years.

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Doctor in Maryland?

Yes. After applying online for a Maryland medical marijuana card renewal, a patient must obtain a written certification from a provider registered with the MMCC. Patients can access the list of Public Registered Providers on the MMCC website. If a provider establishes that a patient qualifies for medical marijuana, the provider will issue a written certification and upload it to the patient's MMCC account using the 16-character patient ID number. Licensed healthcare professionals such as podiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physicians, physician assistants, dentists, and pharmacists are approved to certify patients for medical cannabis, provided they are registered with the Maryland State Board.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Cost

Maryland medical marijuana card renewal fee for patients and caregivers costs $25. It is non-refundable and covers payment for patient registration renewal and card fees. However, the renewal fee is waived for minors, hospice care patients, veterans registered with the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System, and patients enrolled in the Maryland Medical Assistance Program. Patients who qualify for a fee waiver must provide supporting documentation during the online application to receive the waiver.

Registered patients may also incur additional fees during their appointments at the doctors’ where they are re-assessed for continued medical cannabis use, and the cost varies. It ranges from $45 up to $200 depending on the complexity of the patient's case and the healthcare provider's expertise.

Where to Do Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Near Me in Maryland

All Maryland medical marijuana card renewal applications must be submitted online. The state does not provide an alternate method for receiving applications, nor does it authorize the Maryland Department of Health branch offices to accept paper applications for Maryland medical marijuana renewal.

Can I Use a Medical Marijuana Card from Another State in Maryland?

While some states have medical marijuana reciprocity, Maryland does not accept medical marijuana cards issued in other states. However, the state allows out-of-state visitors to register for medical marijuana treatment. Such individuals must register online and satisfy the following conditions to buy medical marijuana in Maryland

  • Visitors must be physically present in Maryland at the time of registration
  • They must be admitted into a joint administration accredited medical facility
  • They will be dispensed medical marijuana during an inpatient stay at the medical facility
  • Visitors must complete the treatment program before being released from the medical facility
  • Visitors under 18 must be accompanied by caregivers who can be their parents or legal guardians
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